Friday, August 12, 2016

Now, ... Three Blogging Sites

Good morning, --

Just a quick memo to everyone that I've decided to publish both of the novels I'm writing online for free. In so doing, I'm setting aside my desire to ever see my words in print - either on paper or in digital formats of e-books. Instead, I've decided to put them here, on Blogger.

Blogger will not allow rearranging the display of these chapters in their chronological order one experiences with a book, but rather as they are posted ...meaning, last one published, is first displayed. I have listed each of the published chapters in the right-hand column for direct access. There are no bookmarking facilities. I guess as you read a chapter, just remember where you left-off and come back to the next chapter when you can. There may be a better publishing format on the web, but it's convenient for me here.

This is the best I can do, since neither of the book are, as yet, fully completed. I do have a good start, however. It is my intention to finish both of them this Fall-Winter season. I believe that the "internal pressure" to post a new chapter online will motivate me to create more words for my fictional stories. I hope it works.

So, at the top of this blog site, there are two links to my other Blogger sites that I've created to post a few chapters of my stories. On those sites are links to either bring you back here or to the other book. Judging from comments, responses and number of visits (that aren't my own) that I receive, I hope to be encouraged to upload more chapters and write more behind them until I reach at least 80,000+ words in each - the length of a full novel. I expect to go over this customary number. A good editor will shave down my words and make me use bigger words instead. Well, as one of my teachers once told me, "When communicating or writing, never use a big word, when a simple word will do." I will adhere .. (I mean) will stick to that advice.

I was never IN the Secret Services - as was Ian Fleming, so I have none of the experiences of  "007" - either of them. I expect I'll have a good deal  more research to do before I'm finished. Please try to forgive my "folksy" style as I always found so-called "literature" complicated and lofty but usually very good story telling. People read into the meanings - between the lines - in those days. Everything must be spelled-out, today. Nevertheless, I'll try not to be bored when I type my words, because you will be too. I have never been a soldier or fortune or done anything remotely interesting about which to base semi-autobiographical stories. It's the fiction that tickles my cortex.

I'm a neophyte with the desire to write, but not with the formal training usually required, other than college writing classes that had nothing at all to do with literature. I won't let that hinder my efforts. I have a lot of good training tools - books by experts - that I consult on a regular basis and may, from time to time, make adjustments in my final product. I'm using a writing software package called "Scrivener", which is absolutely THE BEST I've found for non-linear writing, editing and storing research information and ideas in a convenient and all-in-one-place format.

 So, with this quick memo, I hope to be hearing from you soon. Keep in mind, that while I might take some level of constructive criticism, I will not change my story to suit anyone but me.

So, with this memo, I'll continue writing this blog site with my traveling stories and photos - all of which are mine. I'll be adding to all three blog sites and I expect to be very, very busy. I hope you will enjoy my work.

I'll leave you with Isaac Asimov - great science fiction writer ....

That's the problem with being over a certain age in life; if you're gonna take advice from Ben Franklin, you'd better take Isaac Asimov's too.

Oh, where are they? (Edited 10/25/17) They WERE right here, on Blogger, but the format wasn't conducive to reading novels chronologically and I wasn't as prolific with my short stories as I would have liked. They still exist within my Journal software files, but I've now deleted those from my Blogger account and have removed their links. They were:

Desert Secrets (novel)
Election Revolution (novel)
Sunset Beach Short Story Collection

Good day, to you.




  1. awesome! looking forward to reading you. :)

    1. I hope you will enjoy them. A guy just has to have a hobby... ya, know?

  2. yes, and a gal needs a guy she can journey even if its only through his writing :) while in my headset plays an old anita baker song ...

    1. Anita Baker sure knows how to sing a love song. I fell for that once and bought four of her albums. I still listen to them when I'm melancholy. It's cool, wet and rainy today. It might be a good day for some Anita Baker tunes.