Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Little Squirrel Buddy

Originally posted from March 2015

I have the door open tonight with only the screen door between me and the world, here in sunny Gulf Coastal Florida. I’m listening to the crickets sing. The moon is rising and casts and eerie light creating weird shadows through the canopy of palm trees. It seems like camping.

When I came home from the swimming pool this afternoon, my little squirrel buddy - who I have been leaving raw peanuts for - was there to meet me. I know I shouldn't do that, but he is so cute to have around. He isn’t tame, but I know he was looking for some peanuts. I'm such an easy mark, but I don't mind.

The site at Suncoast.
I sat on the steps of my trailer and we talked about it - the squirrel and I - and I told him that I was sorry, but I'm out of peanuts, but would resupply very soon. I said that the pet store was only a few blocks away, but I had to change my clothes first. He seemed disappointed, but he seemed to understand then scampered away.

My little junk food squirrely.
This is my little squirrel buddy who lives in the Palm tree on my camp site. He isn’t tame, but he appreciates a good raw peanut. I tried to give him some squirrel “health food” from the pet store, but he wouldn’t eat it. He flitted around the tray I left out for him, sniffed and looked at me like the spoiled brat he is as if to say, "What's this? You expect me to eat this?" I explained that it was the proper diet for a young, healthy and vibrant squirrel and that he should like it anyway. "Go ahead. Try it." He didn't and then left to find more palm nuts - which were everywhere. I left the special trail mix for gerbils, hamsters and mice - thinking squirrels fit right into that category - out in a pan for another day before tossing it out - with the accumulated ants and all.

I tried giving it to the more skiddish squirrels up the road. I left some pieces at the base of two trees and a bush and stepped back a reasonable distance so they wouldn't feel threatened. Eventually, they skipped over and gave it the old squirrel 'taste test', then snatched them up and nibbled on them just fine. Over the course of the next few days, they ate my whole bag of special mix. Neither of them liked my fresh Florida strawberries or banana slices. No wonder they call them “squirrely”. HA!

You can feed them all you want, but they aren't really pets.
Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Yesterday ~ Poolside they ask me, How ya doin’? I say, Its in the low 80s on a bright sunny day and I’m in Florida, working on my tan - just so I’ll have something to take home. Its all good.

Hey Jim. Where ya been? Right here, somewhere.

I might go back there or somewhere near there. I don't want to appear rude to the nice folks that own the place. There isn't much they can do about it, but the "no-see-ums" (biting midge) problem is so terrible that one closes and locks the door near sundown. Massive skin attacks are imminent. Its so bad that one can't endure being outdoors in the evenings. So sad.

The camp is surrounded by a state park and insect control burns have been made 100 yards back into the park in order to protect the campers. If that worked, it must have been terrible before.

Otherwise, I enjoyed my stay here, very much. So much so, that I stayed two months, instead of my customary one month at a time rule ... well, it's more like a guideline.



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    1. I once read that after squirrels gather and hide their food stores for the winter, they forget where they hid it. No wonder the poor little guys are always so busy.