Friday, August 19, 2016

Another New Blog Site

Sure, I've written some short stories, too, but they are separate and different from the themes of the other things I've shared with everyone online, here. These all started as a blog of their own, once upon a time, or else they just came pouring out of my head late, late, late at night for some explained reason and I had to write them down. Fortunately, I have the software for that. Nevertheless, I wanted to post them - that way, I won't just forget them and also serve as self-motivation to add to my "collection", as it were.

The title of this new blog is: Sunset Beach Short Stories Collection, but the link is simply:

I also have a couple of short screenplays that I can copy over and adjust to short story format. I'll be doing that in future days. Chances are quite good that I'll never produce them as a video, anyway.

So, "Thanks" for visiting and please let me know if you like what you may read here.


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